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Patient Healthcare Literacy and Advocacy

Medicine is not “one size fits all” and medicine involves making decisions- many of them. Traditionally, patients have relied on their health care providers thinking that “the doctor knows best” in the areas of medicine, treatments, procedures, surgery and hospitalizations. However, some of the most important and potentially life altering healthcare decisions are not the clinicians’ alone to make. Many believe that with shared medical decision making- when the provider brings evidenced based medical expertise and the patient brings their preferences and values, benefits soar such as: a focus on prevention, an increased ability to manage chronic conditions, increased patient satisfaction and decreased costs. Examples of common healthcare decisions include: elder care, end of life decisions, management of chronic back pain, charting a cancer treatment course, elective surgery and maternity care.

Health literacy also is a component of making better healthcare decisions as many providers overestimate the health literacy of their patients. Patient may lack the fundamental tools to understand what is happening in their bodies and what to do about it. They may not have been brought into the decision making by their provider, know how to work within the medical system, understand the right questions to ask or believe they have power to help heal themselves.

In this segment, Dr. Joseph Pinzone, a double board-certified physician who specializes in endocrinology and the provision of care through the concierge model, has written a new book titled, “Fireballs in My Eucharist” (which was a patient’s description of fibroids in her uterus!). He will discuss the book and how patients can get educated, obtain tools to help in their decision making and help better heal themselves and be an active participant in their healthcare. Listeners can visit and for more information.


Dr. Joseph Pinzone

  • MD training at NYU in New York
  • Double Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology
  • Private practice in Santa Monica, CA
  • Author of the new book, “Fireballs in My Eucharist”



Summer Skin Problems: Sunburn to Skin Cancer

Intense sunlight, humidity, poisonous plants and biting insects can add up to no fun in the summer sun and problems with our skin. Summertime means more time outdoors, but preparing for the sun with greater thought and planning is worth the prevention to make this outdoor time of year more pleasant. The lack of preventive efforts can allow ultraviolet (UV) rays with sun exposure to leave us with skin problems: sagging, wrinkles, burns rashes and  uneven pigmentation.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. Approximately 1:5 Americans will have it in their lifetime and it is 99% treatable if found early. It’s important we are aware of heat rash, bug bites, rosacea flare ups, increased acne, excessive sweating and sun exposure considering they are the leading contributors to skin cancer.  These health concerns are greater during the summer.

There are many preventive measures and treatments that can help our skin health blossom during the summer time when lifestyles are more focused on the outdoors. In this segment, Dr. Ashley Curtis will discuss prevention, products, some new technologies such as MiraDry and the latest in lasers to help prepare and keep your skin in the best shape. For more information, listeners can visit


Dr. Ashley Curtis



The Doctors Roundtable

International Travel Medicine

Not only is summer travel season almost here, but international business travel is becoming the norm. Travel medicine is a rapidly evolving field of medicine.  As travelers prepare to travel, they must know the medical resources and care during their stay, and may require post travel follow up.

In 2012, over 1 billion people crossed international borders, yet reportedly, only 13% of them sought any kind of health care information or visits prior to departure.   People are traveling for business, as tourists, for adventure and for longer stays. The CDC estimates that 30-60% of travelers will be come ill as a result of their travel. This radio segment features pre-travel  preparation, vaccination requirements and recommendations, medical condition management, cruise ship concerns, and post travel care information as provided by Dr. Anderson and Kathy Buell, RN a local travel medicine expert with Passport Health.