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Dental Implants

Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss and the usual culprits are tooth decay, gingivitis and injury. There is evidence dating back 4000 years to the Chinese using bamboo dental implants, the Egyptians using metal implants and Mayan cultures using shells for implants. So although the practice of using dental implants is not new, innovative surgical techniques and technologies now make dental implants better ever for helping patient achieve the benefits of an improved appearance, speech, eating, oral health and self esteem.

Dental implants provide anchors or “teeth roots” that serve as a foundation for orthodontics, permanently fixed dentures or total teeth replacement. Although there are different types of implants, most are made from titanium. Implant material is designed to fuse to bone, over a period of months, during a process called osseointegration. Dental implant surgery can be performed immediately following a tooth loss, delayed (2 weeks-3 mo) or late (>3 mo. post tooth loss). Most people are candidates for the oral surgery with the biggest criteria for success being healthy bone and gums. Heavy smokers and people with chronic diseases may need careful consideration. Like any surgery, there are potential complications such as bleeding, infection, and tissue necrosis. However, today’s success rates are 96-68%.

For expertise in this segment, we local oral surgeon and dental implant expert, Dr. Robert Wunderle to lend his expertise and experience to educate listeners and followers about dental implants. Listeners can find more information at


Dr. Robert Wunderle

  • Dental School completed at The Ohio State University
  • Residency program completed at Emory University
  • Board-certified in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Founding member of Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgery private practice


Dr. Paul “PJ” Schaner

  • Dental school and residency completed at University of Pittsburgh Medical Ctr
  • Fellowship in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery obtained from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC
  • Special interests include:
  • dental implants, aesthetic surgery and dental trauma surgery