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Pediatric Vision Therapy featuring Dr. Takeia Locke

If you have children, you must listen to how pediatric vision therapy can have a dramatic effect. This show features Dr. Takeia Locke- Leef of Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta … all brought to you by HealthGate.

Vision skills are quite complex and seeing 20/20 is only one component of having great vision. Children who do not know what is “normal” may not discern a problem with vision; parents may not notice. In the U.S., one in ten children are at risk for undetected vision problems. Uncorrected vision problems in children may be a key reason why over 60% of students are identified as “problem learners.” Professional eye associations recommend first eye exams at 6 months of age, yet only 13% of parents report scheduling exams for their children before they reach 2 years of age. This broadcast on pediatric vision therapies serves to educate parents , educators, and the medical community about such orthoptic conditions as accommodative dysfunction, amplyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus and what can be done to correct vision issues to reduce symptoms (such as headache, double vision), improve learning and enhance quality of life.


Takeia Locke, Optometrist/Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta

An Atlantan optometrist specializing in treatment for family members but has a special interest in pediatric vision therapy, Dr. Takeia Locke is committed to making sure kids have a great start in life, given that 80% of a child’s learning initially comes from their visual sense. She knew at age 16 that she was going to dedicate her professional career to vision. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Health Management at Howard University. She then completed her Doctor of Optometry at Nova Southeast University specializing in primary care, pediatrics and vision therapy. Dr. Locke has published articles on autism, Dry Eye Disease and Glaucoma. She is also an InfantSEE provider (a public health program for infants).


Dr. Takeia Locke

Dr. Takeia Locke on Pediatric Vision Therapy

 Dr. Takeia Locke and Tanya Mack

Studio Shot with Dr. Takeia Locke – Guest and Tanya Mack – Host

Doctors Roundtable - Tanya Mack, Host and Dr. Takeia Locke, Guest

Doctors Roundtable – Tanya Mack, Host and Dr. Takeia Locke, Guest

Advances in Female Infertility: Help, Hope and What’s New w/Dr. Dorothy Mitchell- Leef

Fertility is an explosive issue. With advances in female infertility, we explore this topic and features Dr. Dorothy Mitchell- Leef of Reproductive Biology Associates … all brought to you by HealthGate. Guest host today is Deloris Hartley.

April 21-27th is National Infertility Week in the United States. As more women delay their childbearing years until after the age of 30, when natural fertility starts to fall off, the issue of fertility is a growing issue in American culture. Technology advances in genetics, fertility techniques and testing have provided new tools to help women know their personal fertility status earlier and make plans accordingly to help manage their fertility over time for the best possible outcome. Listen in as local southeast and national fertility expert, Dr. Dorothy Mitchell- Leef, whose practice has helped bring over 30,000 babies into the world in 30 years shares critical information on this topic.


Dorothy Mitchell- Leef, M.D./Reproductive Biology Associates

A board certified OB/GYN, Dr. Mitchell-Leef joined Reproductive Biology Associates , the Southeast’s largest infertility practice, in 1991. She received her MD and completed her OB/GYN residency at the University of Louisville, KY. She went on to specialize and complete her fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the University of Louisville. She is a past president of the Medical Association of Atlanta. She is the recipient of numerous awards: The 2010 Womenetics POW Award, the 2006 Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Healthcare Heroes Award, and the Medical Association’s prestigious 2005 Aven Cup award given periodically to individuals for their outstanding contributions to public health.


Dr.  Dorothy Mitchell-Leef

Dr. Dorothy Mitchell-Leef discusses Fertility

Ambulatory Surgery Centers: A Win for Doctors and Patients w/Dr. Jeffrey Hoadley

Ambulatory surgery centers are exploding across the area, so this show dives into why this is good and features Dr. Jeffrey Hoadley of North Atlanta Surgical Associates … all brought to you by HealthGate.

Advances in both anesthesia and technology along with lower costs have fueled the explosion in the use of ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) across the nation. Medicare and other carriers have approved ASC for performing over 70 different types of procedures. Over $60 billion are spent each year in ASC surgical cases. Last year in Georgia, more than 18,000 procedures were performed in ASC’s with over 40% of these surgeries being related to the digestive system. Today we explore the ASC model, expectations, cost savings, indications, and why these facilities, in general, mean good news for both practitioners and patients.


Jeffrey Hoadley, M.D./North Atlanta Surgical Associates

In private general surgery practice at North Atlanta Surgical Associates, Dr. Jeffrey Hoadley is board certified in General Surgery. Dr. Hoadley completed his residency at Emory University and fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic. He is an expert in hernia injury repairs, and conducts these for local Atlanta professional sports teams.


Dr. Jeffrey Hoadley

Dr. Jeffrey Hoadley discusses Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Tanya Mack and Dr. Jeffery Hoadley

Tanya Mack and Dr. Jeffery Hoadley