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The Future of Healthcare IT with Dr. Darvin Hege and BlueWave Computing

During this informative session, Dr. Darvin Hege, Psychologist, with Sean Vojtask, Executive Vice President of Operations and Deborah Frazier, HealthCare Executive, both with BlueWave Computing, discuss the importance of Healthcare IT… all brought to you by HealthGate.

Each day amazing new technology tools are being released that can help practices increase revenue, improve proficiencies, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. For this reason, the dependency on healthcare technology is rapidly changing. With this comes new software tools, mobile devices, telemedicine, connection into HIE’s, new HIPAA/HITECH/OMBNIBUS rules, and reformed payment models – each with a dependency on each other. The foundation to make all of this data secure, and provide reliable access, rests on the network infrastructure itself.


Darvin Hege, M.D., P.C./Psychologist

A trusted psychiatrist in Atlanta, Georgia, and certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Dr. Darvin Hege is a Emory Hospital residency trained psychiatrist. Dr. Hege maintains over 90 hours of AMA certified education each year to stay informed of advances in psychiatry and addiction, to ensure that his patients receive the best possible care. During his career, he has worked with thousands of patients.


Sean Vojtask, Executive Vice President of Operations/BlueWave Computing

Bringing more than 25 years of Information Technology Experience to BlueWave Computing, Sean Vojtask is responsible for all Service Delivery Operations for one of the fastest growing Managed Service Providers in the country. Prior to joining BlueWave in 2011, Mr. Vojtasko held various senior executive positions with Siemens and was responsible for the Information Technology needs for several multinational companies.


Deborah Frazier, HealthCare Executive/BlueWave Computing

Serving as the healthcare expert on the leadership team of BlueWave Computing, Deborah Frazier is responsible for the strategic direction, marketing, and sales of the healthcare division. Ms. Frazier has provided thought leadership in working with department leaders to package new products and services specifically for the healthcare industry. Most notably she is responsible for the creation of the BlueWave HIPAA Risk Assessment program and the resulting establishment of HIPAA products and services. As the most seasoned sales veteran at BlueWave Computing, she has more than 11 years of experience in consulting healthcare practices on their IT needs.


Healthcare IT

Hot Topics in Women’s Health: Hormone Therapy, Urinary Incontinence and GYN Robotic Surgery

Intriguing discussion of Hot Topics in Women’s Health, focusing on Hormone Therapy, Urinary Incontinence and GYN Robotic Surgery with Dr. Dori Kasparek of Complete Womens Healthcare … all brought to you by HealthGate.

Three timely topics in women’s healthcare: hormone therapy, urinary incontinence, and gynecologic robotic surgery- all affecting millions of women with menopausal symptoms, quality of life issues, and cutting edge technology in the operating room.


Dori Kasparek, M.D., FACOG, OBGYN/Complete Womens Healthcare

Board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr, Kasparek is in private practice in Johns Creek, Georgia and delivers at Emory Johns Creek Hospital. She earned her medical degree from the University of South Carolina and completed her residency at New Hanover Medical in North Carolina.


Hormone Therapy, Urinary Incontinence and GYN Robotic Surgery

The In’s and Out’s of Body Contouring with Dr. Thomas Locke

This episode explores cosmetic surgery, and more specifically, the in’s and out’s of body contouring with Dr. Thomas Locke of WISE Medical Center… all brought to you by HealthGate.

Body contouring is a way that patients can improve their body shape (hips, flank, abdomen, posterior upper arm, thighs, and chin most commonly) via various liposuction equipment and techniques.


Thomas Locke, M.D./WISE Medical Center

Double board certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine as well certified in Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Thomas J. Locke, III, was born in Vidalia, Georgia, and raised in SW Atlanta. He did his undergraduate study at Princeton University, graduated from medical school at Howard University, and completed residency training at George Washington University. His practice philosophy centers around all aspects of personal image enhancement services. He has extensive training and professional practice experience in body contouring. To this end, he is also an instructor for surgical equipment vendors, teaching doctors from all over the country who are learning liposuction, fat transfer, and all aspects of body contouring. Other specialty interests include bariatrics, weight loss, hormone replacement therapy, and anti-aging medicine. He currently serves as Medical Director for WISE Medical Center in Alpharetta, GA.


Body Contouring with Dr Thomas Locke

Sports Injury Prevention and Treatment with Dr. Richard Dukes, Dr. Shaun Traub and Diane King

Entering the spring season of sports, we delve into sports injury prevention and treatment with panelist Dr. Richard Dukes, Dr. Shaun Traub, and athlete trainer Diane King… all brought to you by HealthGate.

At all ages, we are encouraged to get exercise and sports participation is a fun way to accomplish this. However, almost 1million adult and 3.5 million sports injuries occur in the US annually. The prevalence is evident by watching TV or reading the sports pages of any local, regional, or national newspaper. In this edition of The Doctors Roundtable, panelists will discuss prevention of sports injuries. Dr. Dukes (Urgent Care Specialist) will discuss immediate treatment in case of a sports injury, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Traub will be discussing therapy and surgical implications should a more severe injury occur, and Diane King discusses training and conditioning to prevent injuries. From tennis elbow to ACL tears, this show will cover a lot!


Richard Dukes, M.D./Physician’s Express Care

Dr. Dukes is the owner/CEO of Physician’s Express Care and MedGlobal (a medical resource group) in Johns Creek. He currently serves as chairman at the Department of Medicine and Department of Emergency Medicine at Northside Hospital in Canton, GA. Dr. Dukes is residency trained and board certified by Wayne State University and Detroit Medical Center in Detroit, Michigan. He is a fellow in the American College of Emergency Physicians, and serves as the medical director for the Clayton County Fire Department in Riverdale, GA.


Shaun L. Traub, M.D./Resurgens Orthopaedics

With board certification by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Dr. Traub earned his undergraduate degree from University of Georgia, medical degree from Medical College of Georgia, residency at Medical University of South Carolina, and a fellowship in Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery from the University of Colorado-Denver. He is affiliated at DeKalb Medical Center and Emory Eastside Hospital, and active with American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Association of North America.


Diane King, MS, RD, CSSD, ATC

A National Athletic Trainers’ Association Certified Athletic Trainer, Ms. King is currently the President of the Georgia Athletic Trainers Association. She is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, and holds a Specialist Certification in Sports Dietetics. She serves as an Athletic Trainer for South Forsyth High School through SportsCare Physical Therapy. She works with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Sports Medicine Program and consults in several facilities as a sports dietitian. Diane received a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from Memphis State University and A Master’s degree from Louisiana State University in Human Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.


Sports Injury Prevention and Treatment with Dr. Richard Dukes, Dr. Shaun Traub and Diane King

Dr. Traub, Dr. Dukes, and Ms. King