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Pediatric Respiratory Illnesses featuring Dr. Aaron Goldberg

Today’s show is about pediatric respiratory illnesses and features an interview with:

 Aaron S. Goldberg M.D./Pediatric Health Center of Dunwoody

A  graduate of the Medical College of Georgia and member of AAP, Dr. Goldberg loves practicing pediatric medicine at Pediatric Health Center of Dunwoody.  He is married, has four grown children, and nine grandchildren.  Dr. Goldberg is a member of Temple Emanuel, enjoys playing tennis, is an avid sports fan, and loves playing sports and games with his grandchildren.

He speaks frequently at schools and daycare’s on various childhood health issues, and enjoys teaching parents about prevention.


Healthcare Consumerism with Dr. David Redding, John Linss, and Kimberly Hedzik

This weeks show is about Healthcare Consumerism and has three guests on our panel.


David Redding, M.D./Redding Allergy & Asthma Center

A premier allergist in the Atlanta area for both pediatric and adult patients, Dr. David Redding with Redding Allergy & Asthma Center is certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology and has been featured on The Weather Channel and the TV show “Diagnosis X” on TLC.


John Linss/MedServ Global

Bringing over 30 years of industry experience, John Linss is the  Chairman and Founder of Medserv Global, an organization that connects medical tourism patients to JCAHO facilities (abroad and domestically) and  American trained and English speaking physicians abroad to obtain qualitymedical care abroad for cost savings. John also serves on the advisory board of the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism.


Kimberly Hedzik/Writer

A local writer and married mom of three, Kimberly Hedzik participates on the show as a consumer representative.